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Kick Off Your Story...


A flying boot. A rabbit. Hair pins - and a wig? What are these strange metal objects that have appeared throughout Herne Hill? All are part of the public art trail project Flying Boots and Eyes on Fire by Caroline McCarthy - launched to help revive Herne Hill after the devastating floods of 2013. And now you can be part of this story too.


The next step in this journey is to launch an annual Storytelling Competition, which will put Herne Hill on the map, whilst fostering the next generation of story makers. 


All you need to do to enter is to pick at least one of the art trail symbols, and tell your own story about this icon, in any format you like. What's its significance? What's its history? Where did it come from? How? 


We will then let acclaimed children's illustrator, Katy Riddell, have the trickiest task of all - that of choosing some lucky winners...


Mission statement:

'To weave a captivating tale that brings our hidden histories to life'


How to enter: 

1. View/download the art-trail map and entry form below or pick up copies from Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop at 25 Half Moon Lane (available from Saturday 16th November) 

2. Complete the art-trail or simply pick out one or some of the art trail symbols. The competition encourages 'Story Making' in its many forms and formats - drawing, writing, comic strip, drama, poetry, rap, digital animation. Find your own way to tell your story and pop it down on the entry form (No word limits or format limits - just as long as it fits on the entry form) if you would like to create a digital animation or record / film your story (maximum 2 minutes in length) and upload your entry HERE.

3. Competition age categories: 5 - 7 years; 8 - 9 years; 10 -11 years; 12-15 years; 16 years + For each age category there will be a winners bag of books, together with the following prizes: 1st place £125; 2nd place £75; 3rd place £50.

4. Entry Forms should be submitted or sent to Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop, 25 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, SE24 9JU. Submission deadline: Wednesday 15th January 2020. 

Winners will be announced as part of the Herne Hill Kids' Lit Fest  5 - 9 Feb 2020 

Good luck and get creative! All day, every day we experience stories being told in 

all their different forms - here is your chance to kick off your own!

          Art-Trail Map                                                Competition Entry Form

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