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BACK OUR BID - Help us make Station Hall accessible to all


From mothball to mainstay: in its first nine months of operation Station Hall held 456 events, hosted by 79 different users or organisations, attended by over 5,000 people. 60% of bookings were to charity or community groups, supported by 40% commercial bookings. The social impact has been enormous, and the feedback has been phenomenal. 


And yet only one child who uses a wheelchair has ever made it to the top of the Station Hall stairs. Currently accessible only via an external metal staircase, and lacking accessible facilities once inside, Station Hall is a phenomenal community resource that requires significant funding to make it truly accessible and to realise its full potential. 


We are embarking on an ambitious programme of fundraising, with a target of £1million to ensure that nobody is excluded from Station Hall in the future. 'A place for all' is our mantra, and we are working around the clock to achieve this.


Our business case and architects' design concepts can be viewed below and if you have ever enjoyed using Station hall - or are IRATE that you have not been able to do so - please 'Back Our Bid' by adding your name to the list of people who like to see this venue become fully accessible, and leaving a comment as to why this is so important for you.


Thank you everyone - together we can make this happen.

Read our BUSINESS CASE STUDY  or download the PDF 


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