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We have four clear goals for the next five years:

Goal 1 - to achieve financial self-sufficiency: In busy months, Station Hall has managed to cover its basic operating costs. However, there have also been months when we have been operating at deficit. We will aim to achieve full financial self-sufficiency within five years, with our income from bookings fully covering our core costs.

Goal 2 - to become fully accessible: Thousands of people have enjoyed Station Hall, but only one wheelchair user has ever made it up the stairs - a little girl carried by two careful adults. We will install a lift and accessible loo in Station Hall as an urgent priority, as well as making other internal improvements, to ensure the space can be used safely and with dignity by all.

Goal 3 - to bridge social and economic divides: Station Hall serves some of London’s most deprived communities (e.g. Coldharbour ward), and gives people who feel excluded and marginalised a place to unite and find voice. We will continue to be proactively inclusive and to ensure that cost is never a barrier to using the space. We will maintain a 50:50 commercial:community balance as a bare minimum (with commercial bookings subsidising discounted or free community bookings), surpassing this ratio wherever possible.

Goal 4: to bring footfall to Herne Hill’s high streets: events held in Station Hall boost footfall for local businesses, by bringing shoppers and consumers into the town centre. Station Hall also provides a platform for local businesses to show their wares and meet their customers, as well as providing business work space and meeting space. We will track this impact to ensure that the hall has a marked benefit for the local economy.


Achieve financial self-sufficiency


Become fully accessible


Bridge social and economic divides


Bring footfall to Herne Hill's high streets


We are a local family of four. I have twin daughters, one of whom has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. We wanted to attend the story workshop at Station Hall last Sunday. Unfortunately, upon arrival outside the venue we discovered it was completely inaccessible for wheelchair users.

— Danielle, local mum

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