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You may have walked past Herne Hill station many times before, without noticing the windows above the ticket hall. But there they are! Station Hall is a hidden space - an unknown cavern sitting right above Herne Hill’s main station. Hardly anybody knew that it was there, until we opened it up for the World Record Colouring-In extravaganza in September 2018. That day it's resurrection began, as 2,332 Herne Hillians flowed through the hall to colour in a giant, 40m long mural and get a Guinness World Record. The room is big and it's historic - it was the station's grand waiting room in Victorian days. But it's been sitting empty for years, silently waiting to come back to life... 


Step inside and it's a bit like Narnia - the first word you'll whisper is 'wow' as a flaky old stairway and big industrial doors bang open to reveal a space flooded with sunlight.  Nobody wanted to rent it commercially - the lack of a lift put people off. But we won't let a little thing like external staircases deter us...


Meet The Team

Station Hall is run by a small team of paid contractors who are overseen by a group of Trustees. We also rely on volunteers for special events.

Our Vision

In 2021 we became a CIO or Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This means we are now a separate entity from the Herne Hill Forum and have our own set of policies, overseen by Trustees. We have 4 clear aims which are laid out in Our Vision.


Achieve financial self-sufficiency


Become fully accessible


Bridge social and economic divides


Bring footfall to Herne Hill's high streets

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